JAD Products, Inc. specializes in custom design and build of inspection, test and assembly machines and fixtures. We put our customers first by delivering products on time and above expectations. At JAD, we work very closely with our customers to design equipment and processes that reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality. We place a strong emphasis on creating ergonomically correct designs in all our projects.

 CAD/CAM Data Exchange CAD/CAM Data Exchange Capabilities:

  • AutoCad
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • Inventor
  • Solid Works
  • MasterCAM
  • GibbsCAM
  • BobCAD/CAM

Some of our Satisfied Customers Include:

  • Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Eli Lilly and Co.
  • Universal Forest Products, Inc.
  • Hydro Aluminum
  • Humantech, Inc.
Industries Serviced:

  • Medical
  • Aerospace/Hi-tech
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Appliance
  • Machine Tools
  • Railroad
  • Transportation
  • Oil/Gas and Energy

ISO 9001-2008

Medical Product Assembly
JAD Products Inc. prides itself on providing high quality machined parts on time and at a competitive price; partnering with our customers to mutual benefit.

We make your parts using a variety of machining equipment including multi-axis CNC mills and lathes. We also perform secondary operations, sub-assembly work, testing, and packaging as required.

JAD Products Inc. has used its skills to aid customers in many fields, including: medical and hi-tech equipment, aerospace, automotive, machine tools, appliance, railroad and transportation, oil/gas and energy, alternative energy, and university research.

We operate to ISO 9001-2008 standards and have full in-house inspection capabilities.

We strive to exceed customer expectations in every way; constantly improving our skills and capabilities to better serve your needs.